Hi! We’re CHIOMA

Pronounced CHEE-OMA

Formulators and curators of high performance wellness products.

Our products help to support your wellness without CHEAP fillers, binders, chemicals or artificial additives. The journey began on our quest to find natural remedies to balance hormones and feel more vibrant. My name is Ebele Chioma, chartered herbalist and wellness entrepreneur. Wellness is my passion.

founder's story


A wellness brand for the modern woman on the move.

We create products that support feminine vitality and optimal wellbeing so that you feel vibrant and can focus on living your best life.

Our commitment 

We are committed to bringing you the best in wellness and beauty! From raw material sourcing to packaging and order shipping, we put extra care into what we do and it shows. 

All our products are manufactured in the USA by GMP certified, FDA registered manufacturing facilities following the strictest standards. Our customer safety is our number one priority.

To maintain freshness and nutrient integrity, our products are produced in small batches for potency and efficacy.

why it matters to us

Our approach

  • Natural food based supplements with a holistic approach.
  • No CHEAP fillers, binders, artificial additives, GMO and other nasties.
  • Proudly women owned and operated.
  • Premium sourced ingredients so that you get the best quality.
  • Expert formulation paired with a holistic approach and traditional practices. 

Customer Love Letters


“I’ve been a customer for some time now and I just love their products. I’ve noticed a difference in my mood and energy levels. Their products are amazing and I love that they support my feminine health”


“Asana LadiesBalance has completely changed my life!! I felt a difference right away after starting the capsules on my energy, mood and skin! And most of all my cycles are regular.”

Can’t go a day without!

FINALLY! An all-natural product that is able to regulate my hormones and clear-up my hormonal acne! I cannot and will not go a day without my Asana pills!

The origin and meaning of our name

The name CHIOMA has West African roots. It has versatile translations and means ‘to be in good spirits’, ‘a healthy state of wellbeing’, ‘good personal God’, ‘or having a beautiful soul’. The name fits the heart and core of what we are as a company.