Let’s face it, some of us ladies are just too fabulous for our own good. And no, there is absolutely nothing with wanting to put your best face forward at all times, but there is a point where we cross the line to pure narcissism and it just becomes bad behavior. Being too high maintenance is not only bad for the wallet and psyche but it can sabotage relationships.

Here are some signs to watch out for:

1) Vanity and the mirror

Every once in a while, it might be necessary to touch up your face or dab the sheen off your forehead. However, if you find that you are constantly reaching for the mirror every five mins, or not able to walk by a mirror without stopping to ogle yourself, then you might just be too high maintenance.

2) A bulk of your paycheck is going to pampering services and shopping

Being high maintenance is not cheap and often times the high maintenance lady finds herself living above her means to stay looking like a million bucks. If you find that you are resorting to excess use of charge cards or going into debt to pamper yourself, you need to check your priorities.

A savvy lady not only knows how to look her best but knows the importance of financial responsibility and good budgeting.

3) You’re always running fashionably late because it takes you hours to get ready

Every once in while it is excusable to be running fashionably late, however for a high maintenance lady this tends happens on the regular because of the excessive time it takes her to get ready.

Look at your primping habits, does it take you hours and hours to get ready even to go to the store, then you might just be too high maintenance.

4) Your man is going broke spending on your hair, makeup and getup

Been a high maintenance lady requires a lot of time and most of all money, and someone has got to pay for it. Unfortunately for the partner of the high maintenance lady, he is often stuck with the bill.

Most men take pleasure in taking care of their girlfriends, but your indulges should not be raping his bank account.

5) You lounge around the house in full-blown makeup

Part of the joy of being home is being able to let your hair down, relax and be the natural you. However, if it is difficult for you to lounge in the comfort of your living space without caking on your face, you are way too high maintenance.

6) You believe that others are put on this earth to listen to your whining and serve your needs

One of the biggest annoyance of the high maintenance girl is the fact that she is often selfish and puts the needs of herself above others. She talks more than listens and you can often find her complaining about this or whining about that.

7)  You refuse to do anything adventurous or spontaneous because you are afraid to break a nail

You know her or maybe that’s you.  The one who refuses to jump in the pool with others because she is afraid to get her hair wet or the one that never wants to get her hands dirty because she refuses to mess up her perfect manicure. Or worse, the one who refuses to experience anything outside the city or insists on going camping in stilettos.

8) You desire to only wear expensive designer labels or having the finest things

Materialism is the biggest sign of high maintenance behavior because the two often go hand in hand. There is nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life but a high maintenance lady makes it a priority all the time which is not always healthy.

9) You have to prettify all your possessions

You can usually spot the high maintenance lady with all her bejeweled and furry possessions. While there’s nothing wrong with dazzling and accessorizing your stuff, the high maintenance lady often does it excessively.

10) You’re constantly criticizing others on their appearance

Yes looks are important, but if that is your constant focus and you’re always finding fault with what others are wearing or their physical appearance then you can say you’re too high maintenance.

11) You are always trying to impress others

High maintenance people live on attention and they care a lot about how others perceive them. As a result they often go to great lengths to show off.

If you are guilty of one or two of the items on the list as most of us are, then you get a pass card. However, if most of the items on here apply to you, then you just might be guilty as charged. Any other signs of a high maintenance girl that should have made the list, tell us in the comment box below.


4 thoughts on “11 Signs You Might Be Too High Maintenance

  1. Jasmine says:

    It’s funny because you would never think that people really behave in these ways just to be ‘beautiful’. But the truth is that people really act obsessive with themselves. I relate to number 2 because I know people who have spent the majority of their paychecks on items to enhance their beauty. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but priorities are important. I really like this post 🙂

    • Belle says:

      Hey lady, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Unfortunately, our society has become so looks and status obsesses and it never ceases to amaze me how some people jeopardize their finances in the name of vanity. Thanks for the comment!

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