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It’s time to stop putting off your wellness goals and get fit with the ultimate 14 day #fearlessandfit fitness challenge developed by physique model and certified group fitness instructor, Amber Dobecka of Amber Michelle Fit. This program is for anyone new to fitness and looking to jumpstart #healthylife and start getting results. And best of all it’s 100% FREE.

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Sure, you want to fit into that skinny dress you bought … Trust me, I get it. But, I challenge you to dig a little deeper and find out what you really want out of life.

Do you struggle being in front of people? Are you embarrassed of something on your body? Do you wish you were more confident? Are you sick of hiding in the back of the office?

Give yourself some grace if you mess up. Nobody’s perfect, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

This program requires you to sacrifice something every day, whether it’s the cookie your coworker tempts you to eat or the 30 extra minutes you spend at the gym instead of watching Netflix.

How can you make that sacrifice worth it? I challenge you to ask yourself that as you go through the program. What makes you want to get better, and are you willing to work that hard?

Yes … Yes, you are!

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The Nutrition Guide:

This program includes a 3-day detox, which will help your body rid itself of all the toxins from any junk food you’ve eaten, as well as help your body accept the nutrients of the whole foods you’ll be eating from now on.

That way, no matter what level  at which you’re entering this new lifestyle, you can be successful. I encourage you to make one small change a week (like drinking one gallon of water per day) until that change becomes a habit because a series of habits will become your lifestyle.

If you’re not careful, drinking alcohol, binging on sugar and living in a steady state of dehydration can suddenly take root in your life 3-4 times a month, which in turn becomes a weekly habit. 

Think about food the way people did thousands of years ago. Food was necessary to survive. And people only ate what they could hunt or grow themselves.

Focus on whole foods and clean foods rather than processed junk. It’s good to take pleasure in your food at times, but it’s more important to take pleasure in the people whom with you share it, as well as the body with which you use food to nourish.

The stronger you become mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the stronger you will become physically.

The Fitness Program:

The point is to add muscle mass and burn fat. Duh, but what does that entail?

Amber Dobecka Amber Michelle Fit Fitness challengeAmber Michelle Fit 14 Day Fearless & Fit Challenge Ladies Balance

It entails less than an hour of exercise at least 5 days a week, but at a super-intense effort level. That means we focus on 20 minutes of cardio followed by 20 minutes of strength conditioning.

Throughout the exercises, I want you to think of a perceived exertion (scale of 1-10) somewhere around 6-9 the majority of the time. When lifting, use heavy enough weights that you can complete 15-20 reps, but do so with the last few reps being extremely hard.

To be fearless requires you to strut over to the weights (or whatever you’re using as weights if you’re outside a gym), and incorporate weight training into your fitness routine.

The more muscle mass you add to your body, the faster your metabolism gets, which means your body will be burning fat even when you’re resting.

I used to run 20+ miles a week and only did weight-bearing exercises once a week. I was burning up my muscle and killing my joints.

Not to mention, I was wearing my mind out as I endlessly ran laps and laps and laps. It wasn’t until I changed my focus to getting stronger and increasing my intensity in both my cardio and strength conditioning that I noticed my body changing into the physique I always wanted.

Supplementation Guide:

If you follow this program’s nutrition recommendations perfectly, you will need almost no supplementation. However, I have found a few key products that really help boost the intensity of my workouts, the recovery of my muscles, and ensure I’m going to get all the nutrients I need for my body to function optimally.

For someone who wants to build lean muscle and burn fat and then simply maintain that physique, we will focus on a superfood formula/multivitamin, an omega and fatty acid blend, a probiotic and a protein supplement (for cost and convenience).

Amber Dobecka of Amber Michelle Fit Meal and Fitness Challenge

The Program

When you download the FREE program, you will get:

3-Day Detox

Grocery List (Approved Foods to Eat)

3 Gym Workouts*

3 At-Home Workouts*

3 Cardio Routines*

For recipes and other workouts, visit Amber’s websitefollow her on Instagram and Like her Page.

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